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Ethics Charter 

1.  The principles that underpin our corporate actions

The values and principles to which the company and its staff adhere are determined by the key features and positioning of CIVI.POL Conseil as a company.

• As an operator for the French Ministry of the Interior and a service provider for international donors or states, Civipol can perform public service tasks, thereby helping the French state to achieve its goals and enhancing the capabilities of the French government. In this regard, the company’s value added lies in the flexibility afforded by its legal status and modus operandi as well as the complementary nature of its activities compared with the technical powers of the government.

• This value added results from the fact that Civipol puts efficiency and quality at the heart of its action. Thanks to its know-how in terms of project engineering, it delivers services of a very sophisticated technical nature. The quality of the services provided by Civipol also requires the ability to listen actively to all its clients or beneficiaries with the same degree of respect, while taking into account their unique features. Thus, Civipol must demonstrate its versatility, adaptability and open-mindedness with regard to the needs expressed. Because of its concern for business ethics, Civipol ensures the responsiveness of its teams and sets great store by meeting deadlines. Internally, it also emphasises the high quality of its processes. 

• Civipol’s project implementation is human rights compliant with regard to its clients, beneficiary countries and its own staff. The company abides by the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, the right to work, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.


2.    The company’s relations with stakeholders 

a.    Relations with clients, donors and beneficiaries 

Civipol provides its clients, donors and beneficiaries with a high quality offering that meets the needs they have expressed, and always at a fair price. 

All stages of a project are carried out with the utmost care. 

b.    Relations with suppliers 

Civipol guarantees the transparency of the selection rules applied by its procurement function and the effective application by the company of agreed terms and conditions, notably with regard to meeting deadlines and respecting intellectual property rights.

All of the company’s employees are expected to demonstrate the utmost probity and to avoid any conflicts of interest when conducting procurement activity.

Civipol requires its suppliers to comply with the laws and regulations in force in the country concerned and to abide by the provisions of the above-mentioned United Nations Global Compact.

c.    Relations with its employees 

The company’s success rests first and foremost on maximising the valuable inputs of its staff, be they salaried employees on permanent contracts or experts on fixed-term contracts. Regarding human resources and business management, Civipol aims at achieving equality of treatment and non-discrimination, particularly with regard to gender, and aims to guarantee respect for the individual and his/her private life.

Civipol uses all the appropriate means at its disposal to comply with the legal provisions governing the protection of the safety and health of its staff at the workplace. The company seeks to provide its staff with an adequate work environment, taking into account certain constraints specific to the countries in which it operates.

d.    Relations with its partners 

When Civipol works in partnership with other operators, companies or public-sector/private-sector institutions, it behaves in a loyal and transparent way at all stages of the cooperative project, from its inception to its completion. In return, the company expects the same loyalty and transparency on the part of its partners.


3.   The behaviour of Civipol staff

All Civipol staff, be they salaried or self-employed, shall comply with the principles set out herebelow.

  • Respect for customs and practices abroad

Each Civipol staff member shall aim to refrain from infringing the dominant political, cultural and religious practices in the countries he/she may have to go to.

  • Integrity and probity

The company’s claimed adherence to the ethical values of integrity and probity requires that each Civipol staff member:

- shall not solicit and shall refuse any personal benefit, invitation or gift of significant value, in compliance with local customs;

- shall comply with international laws and rules governing the fight against corruption;

- shall be sure to prevent any conflict of interest in the performance of his/her duties;

- shall protect the confidentiality of information, notably of a technical, financial and commercial nature, to which he/she has access in carrying out his/her duties, and shall abstain from using it for his/her personal benefit or from divulging it to a third party.

Civipol staff members shall refrain from any behaviour prohibited by competition law, notably unlawful restraints of free competition. Moreover, they shall ensure that they do not resort to unlawful or unfair practices in order to collect information on a competitor; nor shall they denigrate the work or reputation of a competitor. 

Each Civipol staff member shall ensure that the company’s financial resources are used in line with the company’s objectives and rules of ethics. Where there is reasonable doubt about the proper use of the company’s resources, he/she shall inform the management team and general management. 

4.    Implementation 

a.    Implementation measures 

Civipol’s general management and management team have primary responsibility for deploying and implementing this Charter.

To ensure its effective implementation across the company, Civipol has designated the Head of Human Resources as the company’s “ethics correspondent”. 

Each member of Civipol’s staff shall receive a copy of this Charter. All new staff members shall receive a copy and sign it. Staff members who wish to go into these issues in greater depth may ask to benefit from training provided by the company.

This Ethics Charter may also be distributed outside the company, if necessary, notably for the benefit of Civipol’s clients, donors, beneficiaries, suppliers, partners and shareholders. 

b.    Methods of control 

If a staff member has any problem with the interpretation and application of this Charter, notably in connection with questions relating to ethical values, the accomplishment of duties or alleged conflicts of interest, he/she may find help and support from general management, the management team or the Ethics Correspondent. If a conflict of interest is found to exist or if the situation risks tarnishing the reputation of Civipol and/or a staff member, a meeting shall be convened of the group made up of general management, the management team and the Ethics Correspondent in order to assess the situation and find solutions. 

Any suppliers or service providers who deliberately infringe the provisions set out in the Charter risk having their contracts terminated if there is no improvement.

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