Diversification and excellence are Civipol's watchwords for 2017

   After an eventful 2016 marked by the acquisition of the Belgian Transtec consulting and engineering company in the spring, the success of the Milipol-Qatar international exhibition in November in Doha and the completion of numerous projects undertaken in recent years by Civipol, the outlook for 2017 is looking very positive. Many new projects have been entrusted to us or are in the pipeline. They mainly concern our proven areas of expertise, namely security, civil registers or governance in the broad sense, reflecting great confidence in our teams and the experts we can mobilise.

   In 2017, Civipol will be broadening and diversifying its range of services on offer with a view to proposing its expertise to new customers, including multilateral donors, states, businesses or major local government authorities.

   Our ambition remains to achieve the highest standards of excellence in terms of the quality of services provided, availability and the sense of responsibility which must always govern the relationship with our clients. 

  Pierre de Bousquet, Prefect, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Civipol

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