What is Civi.Pol Conseil’s legal status?

Civi.Pol is French Société Anonyme, or joint stock company that is 40%-owned by the French State. Individual investors hold most of the remaining capital.

Does Civi.Pol Conseil sell equipment?

No, Civi.Pol Conseil does not sell equipment or material. We do, however, offer consulting and training services for manufacturers of security equipment to support them in export markets.

Who are the experts that conduct missions on Civi.Pol's behalf?

Civi.Pol selects the individuals it sends on missions on the basis of their specific expertise and international experience. We have signed an agreement with the French Ministry of the Interior and its departments that gives us access to active civil servants for strategic missions. We also call on recently retired members of the police, gendarmerie or civil protection forces who can bring valuable experience and know-how to each mission. Lastly, we hire international consultants in all areas of our business, such as justice and education.

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