Established in 2001, Civipol, the consulting and service company of the French Ministry of the Interior, provides services in the areas of homeland security, civil protection and governance to clients in France and abroad.

   Civipol is regularly involved in large-scale international projects through auditing, advisory, technical assistance and training assignments.

How do we operate?
   Our approach to these assignments consists of taking into account the technical, logistical, operational and cultural capabilities of the country or business concerned. Our work programmes are therefore specifically tailored to meet the features and needs of our clients.
   Civipol’s corporate objective is not the sale of equipment. Thus, our recommendations remain totally impartial.
   Given that we operate in a continuously changing world in which new threats are emerging against a background of never-ending technological developments, staff training issues are of crucial importance.
   Civipol also works in partnership with other market stakeholders and is a member of several professional networks.

How do we work?
   Civipol’s client base is made up of French ministries, international organisations, foreign states and businesses. We support our clients throughout the various stages of their projects. Whether we intervene as operator or service provider, the excellence of our input is based on our specialization, delivered by our international experts or by personnel from the French Ministry of the Interior.
   As a para-governmental company with ISO 9001 certification and a highly qualified and dynamic team, Civipol has built its reputation on its responsiveness, operational flexibility and ability to deliver a full range of customised services.
   The vast experience we have gained in promoting public expertise in the areas of homeland security, civil protection and governance has turned Civipol into one of the foremost proponents of French know-how on export markets. 


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