Civi.Pol Conseil provides training in all the areas of expertise within the French Ministry of the Interior.

The list of courses is provided below. For further information, please contact us to receive our full catalogue in French, English or Arabic.


Law enforcement
  • Democratic management of crowds and urban violence
  • Major events management
  • Command of a security and intervention platoon

Road safety

  • Traffic agent training
  • Training for police motorcyclists and motor unit officers
  • Traffic service design within the framework of a public road event
  • Statistics and road safety
  • Interventions on roads and expressways
  • Command rooms

Protection of high-profile personalities

  • Close protection techniques
  • Close protection driving
  • Management of close protection missions
  • Motorcade protection using unmarked motorcycles
  • Precursor advanced course
  • Counter-surveillance advanced course
  • Instructor training programme

Intervention group training

  • Creation of an intervention unit
  • Intervention techniques
  • Intervention techniques at height
  • Intervention techniques in tubular structures
  • Protection of high-profile personalities in deteriorated environments
  • Airborne rappelling
  • Sharpshooter training
  • Embarked shooting techniques
  • RAID special forces diver training
  • Sky marshal training
  • Surveillance, shadowing and arrest techniques
  • Negotiation
  • Crisis management

Air and border police

  • Airport safety
  • Migratory flow control
  • Documentary fraud
  • Intervention techniques in a confined environment

Sea police and maritime safety

  • Sea police - level one
  • Sea police - officer specialisation
  • Fishery police
  • Sea police for coastal patrol squads
  • Maritime and harbour security
  • Coastal patrol boat engineer training

Technical and scientific police

  • Offense scene processing 
  • Digital photography and picture exploitation
  • Physicochemical processes for revealing trace evidence
  • Techniques for developing composite drawings
  • Techniques for collecting and preserving trace and other evidence
  • Technological tracing/identification of cell phone location (pinging)
  • Ballistics
  • Dactyloscopy
  • Analysis of data from stand-alone GPS 
  • Certification of computer engineering partners: using digital data collected during searches
  • Analysis of handwritten texts
  • Analysis of typewritten texts
  • Techniques for processing and using papillary ridge traces
  • Cybercrime

Dog handling

  • Handling of explosives-detection dogs
  • Handling of narcotics-detection dogs
  • Handling of search and rescue dogs

Specific training on request

  • Information collection and sharing
  • Information processing
  • Investigation techniques
  • Security clearance investigations and information classification systems
  • Terrorism risk analysis


Risk and crisis management
  • Emergency response coordination centre operators
  • Natural disaster management
  • Chemical and biological hazards
  • Radiological hazards
  • Search and rescue
  • Risk management
  • Operations management and command
  • Mass decontamination after a CBRN accident
  • High-rise building safety standards
  • Training and capabilities enhancement for harbour security teams

Mine clearance

  • Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialist training
  • Master EOD training
  • Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) specialist training
  • Master IEDD training
  • Master Chief EOD/IEDD training
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